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[ADM] Loki

Patch Notes 09/26/19

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- Started top rank MvP benefits system, will be available to players in a few days.

- Added instance MvP counting system for League MvP / @rankmvp. Now players can increase their scores even more.

- Redesigned the new store for VP Machine. (Vote Points Store)

- Lord Of Death will now count on the MvP Kill count.

- Updated Ticket Refine Box:
- Now separate the boxes in Weapons and Armors, as suggested by players.
- Reduced Ticket Refine Box cost from 60 to 40 PvM Medals.
- Increased chances of purchasing Ticket Refine +9 from the box.

- New Rock VP Costume Box item has been added to VP Machine, unique looks in this box.

- Removed Old Hunting Shop.

- Added a Kafra inside BG Battle Room.

- Fixed script as official Scarlet Rose item.

- Fixed BUG with War Machine not delivering slotted equipment. (Players who purchased without a slot may trade with ADM for the slot version).

- Forbidden to use (Element Proof Potions) while WoE is active on PvP and BG maps. (This solution may be temporary.)

* We are currently tweaking some BUGs reported on the discord Channel sent by PM and are updating new balances for PvP, WoE and BG. New items should also be purchased in these modes.


- Iniciado sistema de benefícios de top rank MvP, estará disponível para os jogadores em alguns dias.

- Adicionado sistema de contagem de MvP de instances para o League MvP/ @rankmvp. Agora os jogadores poderão aumentar ainda mais suas contagens.

- Reformulada a nova loja para VP Machine. (Vote Points Store)

- Lord Of Death agora contará na contagem de MvP Kill.

- Atualizado Ticket Refine Box:
-- Agora separada as box em Weapons e Armours, conforme sugestões dos jogadores.
-- Reduzido o custo de Ticket Refine Box de 60 para 40 PvM Medals.
-- Aumento nas chances de adquirir Ticket Refine +9 da caixa.

- Novo item Rock VP Costume Box foi adicionado no VP Machine, visuais exclusivos nesta caixa.

- Removido Old Hunting Shop.

- Adicionada uma Kafra dentro do BG Battle Room.

- Corrigido script conforme oficial do item Scarlet Rose.

- Corrigido BUG com War Machine não entregar o equipamento com slot. (Aos jogadores que adquiriram sem slot poderá trocar com ADM pela versão slotada).

- Proibido o uso de (Element Proof Potions) enquanto a WoE estiver ativa, em mapas de PvP e BG. (This solution may be temporary.)


* Atualmente estamos ajustando alguns BUGs reportados no Canal do discord, enviados por PM e estamos atualizando novos balanceamentos para PvP, WoE e BG. Novos itens também deverão ser adquiridos nestes modos.

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