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Easter Event - 2019 - 04/18 until to 04/27

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04/18 until to 04/27
Come and join us on our Easter Event! Help Invek City getting rid of a terrible plague,
The Domovois! The Domovois are a type of bunny that destroy everything in its path and will probably try and eat your shoes.

How does the event work: - Talk to the Easter Event NPC in /navi prontera 171, 198 and he'll warp you to the city.

In the city, there will be 200 summoned Domovois, and after defeated, they'll drop "Easter Eggs" item.

 After that, you can trade the "Easter Eggs" on the Egg Collector NPC in /navi prontera 171, 198.

The RagnaRock staff wishes you happy Easter to everyone!

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