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  1. Hold up, and make this a bit clearer. You mean to say that ROPs will only be usable within your own account? So even ROP vending will be disabled?
  2. Name: Rap Age: 24 Location (Timezone): AB, Canada/ Mountain Time Ingame Name: Hiraishin Languages you Speak: English, Filipino How long have you been playing RO: 14 years give or take. Have you been in a staff position? Yes. Police, Event staff and Helper What is your best quality?: Patient and passionate. I try and go by the book, if not write it for fairness and equality. What is your worst quality?: I go by the book. Why would you like to join the staff: To be honest, I feel that the server is stilll rather rough around the edges when it comes to its forum and rules. There's nothing yet to maintain, but a lot to build. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I've been playing Ragnarok ever since I was in grade school but stayed on private servers as it was free to play. Being a kid, having to pay for playtime back then wasn't really an option. I've stayed on a server which didn't really updated quite as much and had a ton of customized items and cards. Even jobs unique to the server. I've only played on two servers which were updated when 3rd jobs came out. One being a Super High Rate and the other being Edda Ragnarock. I've been known to be notorious for exploiting cheaters. I despise them. I once exploited a staff who was using an edited client to make LHZ hunting easier. He was removed and permanently banned afterwards. I was also responsible for bringing down the Super High Rate server that I used to played in as the admin offered special services such as giving extra stat points exceeding the normal limit and selling off edited items. The server went from 2000 to 300 players easily within a week after I exposed to the players why OUR OWN GUILD was that strong. I like fairness and equality that much.
  3. Hello, citizens of RagnaRock. I go by the name Hiraishin, used to be Yato but it seems the name has already been taken here. I've been playing RO since around 2005. Mostly stayed on a highly customized high-rate private server. One I was in for roughly 10 years. Which had mostly Trans class and a customized class namely Jedi and Sith instead of the usual Taekwon class. So things like 3rd job, equipments and everything else here is still quite new to me so I'm like learning again. See you in game!