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  1. Hello! Adventurers of Ragnarock! I'd like to present our Guild Fairytail! Now to the question why Fairytail name? Because Just like Fairytail anime. We want to be a big guild and Help Each other guildsmen and be an approachable guild! and Why PH? Because i know that there are many Filipino's who play ragnarok! We started this purely for questing together, instance and discover exciting adventures waiting for us! For now we have 3 Member Me, My Little Brother and My Older brother! Me: iRanger = Ranger My Little Bro: Machinaa = Genetic My Older Brother: iPriest = Archbishop! If you are interested on Joining just PM the above IGN! See you on the Road of Adventures! PS: EDDA is the server we are playing at!
  2. Hello! First time posting in a Forum in my life. 1 week in, I just want to share that I've been enjoying the Game so far. The automatic events is awesome and cool. The players are friendly. The discord users are friendly. Every time i complete equipment quest its just feel like its worth it. My Discord Username is iRanger. My IGN is iRanger! I only main Ranger just like my IGN (LOL) I am playing on EDDA server! English/tagalog is my language. If you see me! don't hesitate to ask question about something in the game though don't know about other's update since i'm a returnee in this game forgot my past account /sob and i just want to remember how addicting this server is. This is not Pay to win server if you just endure the long hours farming everything is farmable!