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  1. As great as it is that you have posted a notice to let us know this in advance, two days is barely any time to finish most of the high tier quests. Especially considering some of them take weeks to complete because of high time gating. Wiping out progress now would be wiping out many many days worth of questing by many players. In my opinion you should be giving players atleast a weeks time to try and finish.
  2. Welcome. Hit us up on discord if you need any help.
  3. It's a very good idea. +1 to it. Reward i.e. Costume discount doesn't entice me. But the event itself is good.
  4. Suggestion: Next time keep a poll in the forum and not outside, so you can link the votes with registered players. 6-8mins is fine for cooldown in my opinion. If you want to delete all tokens then I sure expect there to be a compensation provided to the players who will be loosing tens of thousands of badges worth of tokens. As for deletion. Frankly it doesn't matter to a veteran player since I barely ever use a token. It hurts new players I guess. A party reward system works better to promote party play. Making seigs hard to get hurts people who can't match timezones. My two cents.
  5. Hello everyone! Effy here. I am your friendly neighborhood Robot and have a discord acc with the same name (Effy). Been playing the server for more than half a year now. I play on Edda. And I main Warlock (Jinx). You will however mostly find me on one of my many (now nerfed) Mechanics. I mainly play all non melee classes and I've been playing RO pretty much since it was first released. Feel free to hit me up with any questions you might have (on discord preferably) and I'll try to help out. I am a non native English speaker too I guess and don't speak much of Portuguese or Spanish. Cheers.