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  1. There's a threat for suggesting itens, moving there.
  2. Hey guys, i'll leave this Excel Sheet open FYI as these were older suggestions made back when they where Discord Only. this is all i could track down and note for transparency to you guys. Link will be avaiable and open to anyone that wants to demand actions from Staff or just be curious xD
  3. ROP vending is only avaiable cause of ROP being tradeable, so it will be disabled. now ROPs are for cash shop buys only, and we'll add some content to it and reprice itens accordingly to power level (similar to tiered quests).
  4. Hello guys, most staff already know me but, let me introduce myself anyway. My IGN is Ganuuk, first time i played RO was about 2010~2011. i always played mid to high rate servers and spent lots of time there. Since last year i came back to play some RO and found out this amazing server with a nice community and nicely updated, and started my way on knowing how things worked on a renewal server. I do have spare time to work on things alongside other staff members, and i would like to apply for CM job too ^^
  5. E ae meu consagrado, chega junto que a bagunça é boa. aqui ta bem próximo ao kRO na verdade, bRO está na 16.1 se não me engano, aqui estamos implementando algumas coisas finais da 17.1. Farm de XP é no mesmo esquema, eden é seu melhor amigo. os equips precisam de um pouco mais de tempo farmando, mas vc consegue pegar uns equips bem fortes só com Zeny. Seja bem vindo mano! O server é cheio de BR mas a lingua principal usada é o Inglês.