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  1. Bem vindxs ao servidor! O emblema ficou legal e a AB também, parabens! Precisando, é só chamar!
  2. Welcome!
  3. Hällo buddy! Welcome to the server! I'm glad that you choose Jormungand as your home! 2010 until nowadays, okay, you lost too many content and return to the game before this big riatus is completely hard I am always there, in the shadows like a rebel, you will never know... MWAHAHAHAHA evillaugh.wav If you need something, let me know! Just DM me and I can teach you some noice builds, mainly meme ones Eretha/Sökk
  4. Heya @tasuro, Actually you receive PvM medal on MvP League for killing MvPs, you mean, like an extra mission?
  5. Yea @tasuro, it will be like another game inside RO! Thanks for supporting the idea! But IDK about grind part, probably is better limit per day and get better rewards than make people grind all over week to get something interesting.
  6. Hello @riannerush, Welcome to the server!! I hope you guys enjoy and conquer all your objectives online Just pew pew the enemy guilds If you guys need something, let me know!
  7. Hey @erickmsm, Totally agree, I got your idea answering @maximus94 post and when I was reading your suggestion... Booom! We thought about the same thing BTW, I loved that. We can change it right now But I am still waiting for more ideas, IMO is better gather everything and make something better for the whole community!
  8. Hey @maximus94, A bird told me about that before you write down this AHAHAHA, just kidding. Yea, it's really interesting what you said and that gave me one idea... PvM Medal shop now sucks, everyone knows it and veterans have nothing to buy there... but we have other type of coins/medals that can be exchanged by PvM medal but still being not enough fair to the players because the quests demands too much time and the initial idea about Hunting Missions is to make a "Daily Task" to all players with good rewards. Bu-but how much time should we make it demand? Which kind of rewards are you guys looking for? Etc
  9. Or both? maybe?@Axis
  10. Hello @StreetCrazy, That's noice to hear! But first, You need to follow the protocol to apply explained on this topic. http://rockragnarok.com/portal/index.php?/forum/135-introduce-yourself-to-the-staff/ Make a good introduction there and good lucky!
  11. Hey @Axis, Yup RNG really sucks on nowadays, I want to remove them all from our server! Well, we can add costumes as rewards on these systems. How about that?
  12. Yeah, reduce the RNG portion is a big step for our server @erickmsm! I really appreciate that you liked the idea, but how about Miner Level? Do you think that's really needed a effort to get good ores?
  13. Hällo Quack, ops Atlus! Thanks for applying, I'll DM you on your Discord! See you soon!
  14. Quack @FeatherlessDuck, quack quack? Quack!!! I'll DM you on Discord, Thanks for applying!
  15. Hello everyone, We are receiving too much DMs about PvM Medal and most of them are being bad, What was appointed to us: Makes the newbies confuse Boring to farm Low rewards for too much effort Boring to farm again NPC isn't working properly There are too different coins So, we are looking to solve this problem. Initially, we thought about to remove PvM Medal and stay like they used to be (only Golden Coins) and fix the NPC errors. But that's a bad situation because there are too many players with thousand and thousands of PvM Medals and we can't just remove it and add Golden Coin instead. What do you guys think about it? Should we make a unique medal for everything or just fix NPC and improve PvM Medal rewards?