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  1. I don't like the idea of One True Coin Having multiple possibilities reduces inflation, and the format right now i think its interesting. It incentivize people to farm different instances and mobs. For me the problem is on the ratios of reward and what's on the shop to buy... The most valuable things right now are obviously from the Friendly Guy NPC, and he offers +9 Tickets, Costume PvM box and Magic Legendary Chest. When you have a +9 ticket as 90 coins, what all the others npc's sell are completly obsolete, being consumables and stuff for 1 coin ea. 1° - What i'd suggest is first fix the abandon mission option so we dont get the same mission 5x times in a row. 2° - Revamp the amount for rewards as well as the cost of what is at the shop. 3° - Revamp WHAT is in the shop. If PvM medals are rewards from hunting missions, we should have things that rewards the hunting behavior like: Exclusive titles or auras for Hunting leaders. A temporarily buff for Bonus Damage, Bonus resist, Bonus drop, Free Reentry at instance or reset Instance cooldown Maybe even put some offmeta jRO equips exclusively for PvM. And to finish what i'd like to emphasize is that conversion between diferent ingame currency is a bad thing. A good design is suppose to make each one have their own value and as wich, move the player to do a certain type of behavior towards specific things. BG should reward PvP Combat, Hunting should reward PvM combat.
  2. I liked the idea of mining shop. Reduces the RNG portion (that makes everything awful)