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    [ENG] - The npcs of jRO incantations have suffered reductions in enchantment costs: - Maojiejie Enchantments: Rock Ridge Coins (Enchant Stats: 100 to 10 | Enchant Slot: 100) - Jilu Enchantments: Valhalla Flowers (Enchant Stats: 100 to 3 | Enchant Slot: 100 to 30) - Zeny value reduced at Edda Server 100m to 30m for enchant and 200m to 100m for reset. Link: http://rockragnarok.com/rockwiki/index.php?title=Special_Enchantment - Started Overhaul Jackpot system: - Removed foods +10 - Added sticks - Added ores - Now advertising may occur depending on reward - Moved to Prontera NPC when event starts - Yellow Scarf has been re-added to Genie Quests. - Revisions in SE and SR classes will be applied shortly along with the updates applied to classes this year in kRO. - Revision on trading restriction of items that are in BG such as: Authoritative Badges, Cobweb and others. - Fixed BUG of Elemental Bows with slot not increasing Long Atk + 45% bonus when combined with Elemental Crown item. - Fixed BUG combo with items (Transcendent Robe + Nidhoggur Shadow Card) not generating HP / SP restore combo. * Upcoming upcoming updates: Exp. Super Novice updates, new dungeons, new cards, new monsters, new maps and others (Soon!) [PTBR] - Os npcs de encantamentos do jRO sofreram reduções nos custos de encantamentos: -- Maojiejie Enchantments: Rock Ridge Coins (Enchant Stats: 100 to 10 | Enchant Slot: 100) -- Jilu Enchantments: Valhalla Flowers (Enchant Stats: 100 to 3 | Enchant Slot: 100 to 30) -- Zeny value reduced at Edda Server 100m to 30m for enchant and 200m to 100m for reset. Link: http://rockragnarok.com/rockwiki/index.php?title=Special_Enchantment - Iniciado Overhaul Jackpot system: - Removido comidas +10 - Adicionado sticks - Adicionado minérios - Agora poderá ocorrer anúncio dependendo da recompensa - Movido para Prontera o NPC quando o evento for iniciado - Yellow Scarf foi readicionado no Genie Quests. - As revisões nas classes SE e SR serão aplicadas em breve juntamente com as atualizações aplicadas nas classes neste ano no kRO. (Note para os jogadores que reportaram) - Revisão em restrição de negociação de itens que estejam na BG como por exemplo: Authoritative Badges, Cobweb e outros. - Corrigido BUG de Arcos Elementais com slot de não aumentarem o bonus de Long Atk +45% quando combinados com o item Elemental Crown. - Corrigido BUG em combo com os itens (Transcendent Robe + Nidhoggur Shadow Card) que não gerando combo de restore HP/SP. *Atualizações futuras próximas: Exp. Super Novice updates, new dungeons, new cards, new monsters, new maps and others (Soon!)
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    We are publishing a preview of the things that are being built at the moment for the following months. Keep in check that PvM has changed. Gaming metas are being re-worked, making the gameplay less limited as it was in the past. For example: Reworking the Hunting Missions that has been under development since september. The older model had a 1-hour delay between every mission, which has been removed. We changed the way how missions work, and now have difficulty and type to choose from: Monster, Item or Instance missions. Improvement on the Shops using the new PvM Medal. The store is organized and bigger compared to before. We have a bigger variety of items and new options for the players to choose from. New and lost items were added, such as Refine Ticket Box, Refine Ores Box, Exclusive Costumes Box, Golden Coin Box. The MVP Ranking now counts points for the PvM Medals. Counting are 10 MVPs to 1 PvM Medal. Reminder that Instance MVPs will count as 3 points towards the ranking from this date. Command @shop has been added to quickly access the quest and store map from anywhere. 8 new Dealer NPCs were added to the lobby, which can be accessed via @shop, on the left stairs. Stuffs like Poison Bottle, Acid Bombs, Runes, Scrolls and such. Top 3 MVP Rank will have bonuses as long as the players holds their rank. Those bonuses can be, for example: Extra 10% damage against MVPs for top 1, Extra 5% damage against MVPs for top 2, Extra 3% damage against MVPs for top 3. The player will receive an aura to show their status. The aura bonuses will be decided later. How to obtain the PvM Medals now? Hunting Mission have a new formula,as it follows below: Difficulty Total Mode per day Month Week Easy 70 2100 525 Medium 130 3900 975 Hard 190 5700 1425 Each point acquired on the Hunting Mission count as 1 PvM Medal.The count above was done if the player complete every daily mission. Each MVP killed will yield 1 MVP point on the ranks. If it’s an instance MVP, it will be 3 MVP points. MVP points can be exchanged at the end of the month for PvM medals at the end of the season. The amount traded will be 10 to 1. If the player finish the Temple of Demon God instance,they will receive 3 points per MVP, being 9 MVP points at the end. VP machine has been re-worked. Players can buy better and new items, vip and Costume VP Boxes. The current store will be removed. 3 new stores will be added in a better setup. The current @dailies system will be removed. A new command will called @presence. Upon using it, the player will have access to your points and an exclusive store. The command will be usable, except PVP, GVG and BG. Removed the reward screen upon logging in. Points will count every 60 seconds. Players under the @at or @afk state won’t receive any points. Skill problems will be fixed according to bug reports from some players. A global damage reduction is being tested and will be added when it’s ready. This could change the way PvP works. PvP will be re-worked the same way as PvM. New stores will be added for PvP, BG and WoE. BG will be gone under updates on the rewards and a new currency will be used. Rewards will be changed as well. BG safe area will be enhanced. Balance will be added to WoE to minimize HitKills. Silk WoE sets will be expanded and receive Shadow items. A huge update will occur until december with improvement on the client to receive the new skill effects. Revamp de Shura Revamp de Soul Reaper e Star Emperor. (Update and corrections) Skill updates on the following classes. Sura, Soul Reaper and Star Emperor. A lot of skills will undergo changes in this period. Odin’s Past, Abyss Lake 04, Einbech Dungeon 03 and other ones will be added until december. Enchant UI system is also in our calendar until december. The updates above are pointed as our goal for the following months. Their are as “forecast” for our implementation. They can receive changes on the date, as they occur. We are recruiting players that want to help for the server development. Rewards can be agreed with the server administration for those that are already helping. -------------------------- Tradução em PT-BR
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    [ENG] - Implementations and updates for Exp. Super Novice class have been applied: - Now the class can reach level 185/65, ensuring greater competition with other classes. - New skill tree, new skills have been added like "Guard, Storm Gust and others". - New 3 skills have been added: "Breakthrough", "Angel Help Me" and "Transcendence". More information about the new skill tree can be found at https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4190 - New quests Exp. Super Novice : - New items added like David Shield (drop), YinYang Talisman (Attendance **) and others. - Fixed issue with skills that did not generate correct timer icons. - Added Token of Ziegfried reuse icon and revised issue. - Added restriction to use @point from inside GvG and PvP maps. - Top Ranking PvP will no longer deliver Cash Points, currently will not deliver reward until future review. - New item David Shield (ID 28928) has been added as a MvP YSF01 Seyren loot. - New items in custom Cash Shop and equipment. - Fixed BUG in teleport position for Cash Quests on (Warper Agent). - Fixed BUG for some pets not feeding automatically. - We added 1 second delay for using the @joinbg command to avoid crash bugs. - Fixed BUG with RWC Commemorative Pin equipment, did not have full ATK and MATK% bonus. - New Login reward system (Attendance **) has been added. All players must collect their rewards daily on a progressive basis. To collect all rewards you can not miss any day. Should the player ever lose, the countdown will stop on the day he lost and he will not reach the final reward. After the season ends the rewards will be closed. - Fixed BUG with ELEM IMMUNE skill that did not display the icon correctly. [PTBR] - Implementações e atualizações para classe Exp. Super Novice foram aplicadas: -- Agora a classe poderá atingir o nível 185/65, garantindo maior competição com outras classes. -- Nova árvore de habilidades, novas skills foram adicionadas como "Guard, Storm Gust e outras". -- Novas 3 skills foram adicionadas: "Breakthrough", "Angel Help Me" e "Transcendence". Mais informações sobre a nova árvore de skills acesse o link: https://www.divine-pride.net/tools/skilltree/4190 - Novas quests temporárias para Exp. Super Novice: - Novos itens adicionados como David Shield (drop), YinYang Talisman (Attendance**) e outros. - Corrigido problema com skills que não geravam icones corretos de timer. - Adicionado icone para reuso de Token of Ziegfried e revisado problema. - Adicionada restriçao para uso do @point de dentro de mapas GvG e PvP. - Top Ranking PvP não entregará mais Cash Points, no momento não entregará recompensa até a revisão futura. - Novo item David Shield (ID 28928) foi adicionado como loot do MvP YSF01 Seyren. - Novos itens no Cash Shop costume e equipamento. - Corrigido BUG em posição de teleport para Cash Quests no (Warper Agent). - Corrigido BUG de alguns pets não alimentarem automaticamente. - Adicionamos delay de 1 segundo para o uso do comando @joinbg para evitar bug de travamentos. - Corrigido BUG com o equipamento RWC Commemorative Pin, não estava com o bonus completo de ATK e MATK %. - Novo sistema de recompensas por Login (Attendance**) foi adicionado. Todos os jogadores devem recolher suas recompensas diariamente de forma progressiva. Para recolher todas as recompensas não poderá perder nenhum dia. Caso o jogador perca algum dia, a contagem parará no dia em que ele perdeu e ele não atingirá a recompensa final. Após o término da temporada as recompensas serão encerradas. - Corrigido BUG com skill IMMUNE ELEMENTAL que não mostrava o icone de forma correta.
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    RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 07/11/19*. - Start time: From 21:30 (07/11/19) Server Time. - End Time: 00:30 (07/12/19) Server Time (Forecast) The timetable can be extended for this maintenance. ** Correction of some BUGs, update prontera will once again be the main city with a new style and others.