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    • [ENG] - Implementations and updates for Exp. Super Novice class have been applied: - Now the class can reach level 185/65, ensuring greater competition with other classes. - New skill tree, new skills have been added like "Guard, Storm Gust and others". - New 3 skills have been added: "Breakthrough", "Angel Help Me" and "Transcendence". More information about the new skill tree can be found at
        - New quests Exp. Super Novice : - New items added like David Shield (drop), YinYang Talisman (Attendance **) and others.   - Fixed issue with skills that did not generate correct timer icons.   - Added Token of Ziegfried reuse icon and revised issue.   - Added restriction to use @point from inside GvG and PvP maps.   - Top Ranking PvP will no longer deliver Cash Points, currently will not deliver reward until future review.   - New item David Shield (ID 28928) has been added as a MvP YSF01 Seyren loot.   - New items in custom Cash Shop and equipment.   - Fixed BUG in teleport position for Cash Quests on (Warper Agent).   - Fixed BUG for some pets not feeding automatically.   - We added 1 second delay for using the @joinbg command to avoid crash bugs.  
      - Fixed BUG with RWC Commemorative Pin equipment, did not have full ATK and MATK% bonus.   - New Login reward system (Attendance **) has been added.
      All players must collect their rewards daily on a progressive basis.
      To collect all rewards you can not miss any day.
      Should the player ever lose, the countdown will stop on the day he lost and he will not reach the final reward.
      After the season ends the rewards will be closed.   - Fixed BUG with ELEM IMMUNE skill that did not display the icon correctly.   [PTBR] - Implementações e atualizações para classe Exp. Super Novice foram aplicadas: -- Agora a classe poderá atingir o nível 185/65, garantindo maior competição com outras classes. -- Nova árvore de habilidades, novas skills foram adicionadas como "Guard, Storm Gust e outras". -- Novas 3 skills foram adicionadas: "Breakthrough", "Angel Help Me" e "Transcendence".  Mais informações sobre a nova árvore de skills acesse o link:   - Novas quests temporárias para Exp. Super Novice:   - Novos itens adicionados como David Shield (drop), YinYang Talisman (Attendance**) e outros.   - Corrigido problema com skills que não geravam icones corretos de timer.   - Adicionado icone para reuso de Token of Ziegfried e revisado problema.   - Adicionada restriçao para uso do @point de dentro de mapas GvG e PvP.   - Top Ranking PvP não entregará mais Cash Points, no momento não entregará recompensa até a revisão futura.   - Novo item David Shield (ID 28928) foi adicionado como loot do MvP YSF01 Seyren.   - Novos itens no Cash Shop costume e equipamento.   - Corrigido BUG em posição de teleport para Cash Quests no (Warper Agent).   - Corrigido BUG de alguns pets não alimentarem automaticamente.   - Adicionamos delay de 1 segundo para o uso do comando @joinbg para evitar bug de travamentos.   - Corrigido BUG com o equipamento RWC Commemorative Pin, não estava com o bonus completo de ATK e MATK %.   - Novo sistema de recompensas por Login (Attendance**) foi adicionado. 
      Todos os jogadores devem recolher suas recompensas diariamente de forma progressiva. 
      Para recolher todas as recompensas não poderá perder nenhum dia.
      Caso o jogador perca algum dia, a contagem parará no dia em que ele perdeu e ele não atingirá a recompensa final.
      Após o término da temporada as recompensas serão encerradas.   - Corrigido BUG com skill IMMUNE ELEMENTAL que não mostrava o icone de forma correta.
    •   Update release - Exp. Super Novice 2019 - (Quests) In celebration of the releases and update of the new Exp Super Novice skills and the new maximum level 185/65, some quests have been added.
      The new skill tree can be observed at the following link: Available in Prontera 164,187 for 3 weeks from 08/15/19 Each week new missions will be released. As missions are released, rewards will be delivered. Item Name (Reward) Item ID Quest Mission     Week 1 | Lv 10+         Defeat the Poring Family     Modified Angelic Protection [1] +9 15068 Quest 01 - Poring popo 500x Poring     Improved_Kiss_Of_Angel +9 18776 Quest 02 - Drops Hunting 500x Drops     Advanced Angel's Reincarnation +9 22015 Quest 03 - Poporing the green 500x poporing     Advanced Angelic Guard +9 2183 Quest 04 - Marin the Hunt 500x Marin     Advanced Angelic Cardigan +9 20710 Quest 05 - Metal or Steel ?! Metaling ... 500x Metaling         Quest 06 - An angel named Angeling 1x Angeling         Quest 07 - Deviling the Fallen 1x Deviling                 Week 2 - Requirement (Week 1) | Lv 100+         An Adventurer Needs Strong Items     Burning Sword +10 13470 Quest 08 - The Precious Broken Sword 1000x - ID 7110 Live Coal 100x ID 7089   Super Novice Shadow Weapon +7 24282 Quest 09 - Shadow SN 01 Raccoon Leaf 300x - ID 945 Skull 500x - ID 7005   Super Novice Shadow Shield +7 24318 Quest 10 - Shadow SN 02 Steel 100x - ID 999 Used Iron Plate 500x - ID 7319               Semana 3 - Requirement (Week 1 e 2) | Lv 150+         Final Card - Novice Fashion       Costume Poring Beret 31490 Quest 11 - The Poring Fashion 01 1x Beret 5172 20x Tintura Vermelha 975 20x Tintura Branca costume-poring-muffler 31667 Quest 12 - The Poring Fashion 02 1x Poring Hat 5035 20x Tintura Vermelha 975 20x Tintura Branca             Bonus Final - Requirement (Week 1,2 e 3) | Lv 185         Hit target!           Quest 13 Reach with Super Novice Lv 185/65     Pet Lendary Final   Player will randomly receive one of the Pets Phreeoni Egg ID 9111 Moonlight Egg ID 9112 Orc Hero ID 9121 * Each quest must be done separately in the corresponding week. Take the time to finish all missions with your Exp. Super Novice. 
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 08/15/19*.   - Start time: From 13:30 (08/15/19) Server Time. - End Time: 16:30 (08/15/19) Server Time (Forecast) The timetable can be extended for this maintenance. ** Correction of some BUGs, update for Exp. Super Novice, new system, new equipments and others.
    • [ENG] - Added complete information about special boxes.
      - Link:
      - New rare costumes have been added inside the boxes, exclusive costumes obtained only in the boxes.   - Fixed BUG with Mysterious Muffler item, it should remove Cloaking effect when unequipped.   - Added a new @afk command. With this command players can keep their players online even with Ragnarok closed. This will serve as an afk option. Similar to autotrade style. (Restricted to prontera)   - Added 15 minute delay for Token of Siegfried reuse as players vote. (This adjustment is in the testing phase)   - Added drop of Bloody Scrool item in the final Boss of instance Bloody Tower. (100% chance)   - Added 5 second cast time to Max Pain.   - Added Refining event until 08/13/19.   - Added gift donate event until 08/15/19 (Maintenance).   - New items added in Cash Shop.   - Added items in shopping list:
      Ores - 6226, 6240, 6241, 6225, 6439, 6438
      Coupon Costume - 6697
      Refine Tickets - 51025, 51026, 6228, 6232, 6230, 6234
      Proof / Tokens - 6919, 25155   [PTBR]
      - Adicionado informação completa sobre as caixas especiais.
      -- Link:
      -- Novos costumes raros foram adicionados dentro das caixas, costumes exclusivos obtidos apenas nas caixas.   - Fixado BUG com o item Mysterious Muffler, o mesmo deveria remover o efeito de Cloaking ao ser desequipado.   - Adicionado um novo comando @afk. Com este comando os jogadores poderão manter seu jogadores online mesmo com o Ragnarok fechado. Isso servirá como uma opção de afk. Semelhante ao estilo do autotrade. (Restrito a prontera)   - Adicionado delay de 15 minutos para o reuso do Token of Siegfried conforme votação dos jogadores. (Este ajuste está em fase de testes)   - Adicionado drop do item Bloody Scrool no Boss final da instance Bloody Tower.   - Adicionado cast time de 5 segundos para Max Pain.   - Adicionado evento de Refino até o dia 13/08/19.   - Adicionado evento gift donate até o dia 15/08/19 (Maintenance).   - Novos itens adicionados no Cash Shop.   - Adicionados os itens na lista de compra:
      Ores - 6226, 6240, 6241, 6225, 6439, 6438
      Costume Coupon - 6697
      Refine Tickets - 51025, 51026, 6228, 6232, 6230, 6234
      Proof/Tokens - 6919, 25155  
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 08/08/19*.   - Start time: From 13:30 (08/08/19) Server Time. - End Time: 16:30 (08/08/19) Server Time (Forecast) The timetable can be extended for this maintenance. ** Correction of some BUGs, delay for reuse of token of siegfried, gift donate event, refining event and others.
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