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    • Olá pessoal, tudubom? fiz uma listinha de visuais que seriam legais ser add <3  ( só visu babadeiro )  
    • Hello, I want to apply as Tester  I hope you can consider 
    • Greetings!

      My name is Akane, I am a Star Emperor Main in the Edda Server. I have played Ragnarok ever since 2009 and mostly played on a Mid to High Rate Server. I was part of the staff on the servers I played in the past as a Community Manager and Event GM.  I always give my best on making the game be more broad and making some content from unplayable to playable. I highly value the process of Trial and Error and I believe that there is always a way to enjoy things.

      I observed with the days that I played in the server. I had this interest to give my contribution to the team and make the game better. I have an interest in Expanded Classes which I would like to offer as the main point of why I am writing this letter. Also, I am open to other instructions of bug fixes that would be prioritized for the next patch.

      With all this said, My goal is to add some diversity to the team and would be a key factor on fixing not just the main classes ,but the expanded classes as well and hopefully, would encourage other players to try out these classes. In terms of game data and other content, I am always open and cooperative if needed by the team of testers.   
    • English
      - Fixed BUG in bonus item that was missing from Stability Shadow Shield, total of 8 combos missing. - Update on 22 Shadow combos that were incomplete and fixed. - Added expansions in World Boss:
      -- Removed MANDRAGORA and DRAGON BREATH skills from World Boss (Queen Zillant Snake).
      -- Added ALL STATS DOWN and LANDPROTECTOR skills in World Boss (Queen Zillant Snake).
      -- Added new World Boss (Fafnir). This WB has 4 different elements: wind, earth, water and fire.
      -- New map has been added for WB (Fafnir) with magma theme.
      -- WB (Fafnir) has high resistance against physical damage, very high resistance against Long range and low resistance against magic damage.
      -- Differentiated and challenging structure for WB Fafnir.
      -- We will soon implement a new Mini WB system, new equipment not yet available on the server will be added to be obtained in these new models.
      -- We are developing a higher DPS system that will be implemented soon. *   - Fixed BUG with Mission Tier that were causing problems in delivering some quests and collecting mission items.   - Updated drop item and respawn of the following monsters according to kRO: (Some drops were missing and drop chances were incorrect)   - Updated status monsters and EXP monsters as per kRO: Boss *
      - Corrigido BUG em bonus item que estavam faltando no Stability Shadow Shield, total de 8 combos faltando.   - Atualização em 22 Shadow combos que estavam incompletos e foram corrigidos.   - Adicionado expansões no World Boss:
      -- Removido skills MANDRAGORA e DRAGON BREATH da World Boss (Queen Zillant Snake).
      -- Adicionado skills ALL STATS DOWN e LANDPROTECTOR na World Boss (Queen Zillant Snake).
      -- Adicionado novo World Boss (Fafnir). Este WB possui 4 elementos diferentes vento, terra, água e fogo.
      -- Novo mapa foi adicionado para o WB (Fafnir) com tema de magma.
      -- WB (Fafnir) possui alta resistência contra danos físicos, muito alta resistência contra Long range e baixa resistência contra danos mágicos.
      -- Estrutura diferenciada e desafiadora para o WB Fafnir.
      -- Iremos implementar em breve novo sistema de Mini WB, novos equipamentos ainda não disponíveis no servidor serão adicionados para serem obtidos nestes novos modelos.
      -- Estamos desenvolvendo um sistema de maiores DPS que será implementado em breve.*   - Corrigido BUG com Mission Tier que estavam gerando problemas na entrega de algumas quests e recolhimento de itens mission.   - Atualizado drop item e respawn dos seguintes monstros conforme kRO: (Estavam faltando alguns drops e chances de drop estavam incorretas)   - Atualizado monstros status e monstros EXP conforme kRO: Boss*  
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