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    • Welcome to the server! Definitely cool theme you guys got going on there xD
    •   [ENG] Hello Guys! We are making some updates to the Mission Tier Boards Edda and Jormungand servers. We will add new items that are not yet available on the Boards and expand to add new Boards. What can happen is the loss of the quests currently in progress by the players. We intend to change that next Friday 03/04/20. We ask players to list below Cash items that are not yet available on the Boards. For players with pending Quests, try to finish by next Friday to avoid losing the progression of the quests, they can be deleted. This note is for alerts about the possible loss of the mission saved in the char from this update, since it is necessary. Thank you all for your cooperation, you can use this post to leave comments.   [PTBR] Olá Guys! Estamos realizando algumas atualizações nas placas de Mission Tier nos servidores Edda e Jormungand. Iremos adicionar novos itens que ainda não estão disponíveis nas Boards e expandir para adicionar novas Boards. O que poderá ocorrer é a perda das quests em progresso atualmente pelos jogadores. Pretendemos alterar isso na próxima sexta feira dia 04/03/20. Pedimos aos jogadores que listem abaixo itens Cash que ainda não estejam disponíveis nas Boards. Aos jogadores que estiverem com Quests pendentes, tentem finalizar até a próxima sexta feira para evitar perda no progressão das quests, elas poderão ser apagadas. Essa nota serve para alertas sobre a possível perda da missão salva no char a partir desta atualização, uma vez que é necessária.

      Obrigado a todos pela colaboração, podem utilizar este post para deixar comentários.
    • Hello, Jormungand Community!   I'm Kath, a main RG and i recently joined Ragnarock with my Guild Panty Raid  We're a Latin American Guild, we mostly do PvM, but we also like to WoE and just have fun learning everything the server has to offer. Our main Language is Spanish but we all speak English as well   We're always looking for more members or just friends to hang out with! We don't bite (Beware of MeiMei, she does) See you all in-game! We're currently at @go 7 if you wanna come by and say hello !      Also, we love the fact you got a Peepo Panties, we feel just like home here  
    • @[CM] Sökk Hi, yup already posted there XD
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