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    • [ENG] - Added refining event until 19/12/19. - Added gift donate event until 12/19/19. - Fixed BUG and Contaminated Sting Card occupancy position, was occupying the incorrect position in equipment. - Added 4 new cash shop costumes, Costume Shard Elemental.   - Added option stating that the item may break if it fails to reset challenger items. - Added 1000% drop rate increase for Odin Relics item. (Can achieve 15% buff donate drop with no active drop event) - Added Silvervine Fruit promotional purchase option for larger purchase amount. Box with 10 and 40 units with lower prices than individual values. Added extra purchase options at BG, PvM Shop, Vote points and Cash shop. - Increased drop rate of Einbech Mine 03 (ein_dun03) fragments by 50%. (May achieve 60% buff donate drop with no active drop event) * Thanks to the players who reported and left feed back on this change. We will organize problem reports and suggestions, use the forum. It makes our work easier and still ensures better feedback to players.   [PTBR]
      - Adicionado evento de refino até o dia 19/12/19. - Adicionado evento de gift donate até o dia 19/12/19. - Corrigida BUG e posição de ocupação da Contaminated Sting Card, estava ocupando a posição incorreta em equipamentos. - Adicionados 4 novos costumes no cash shop, Costume Shard Elemental. - Adicionada opção informando que o item poderá quebrar caso falhe no reset de itens challenger. - Adicionado aumento na taxa de drop em 1000% do item Odin Relics. (Poderá atingir 15% de drop com buff donate, sem evento de drop ativo) - Adicionada opção promocional de compra de Silvervine Fruit para quantidade maior de compra. Caixa com 10 e 40 unidades com menores preços que valores individuais. Adicionadas opções extras de compra na BG, PvM Shop, Vote points e Cash shop. - Adicionado aumento da taxa de drop dos fragmentos de Einbech Mine 03 (ein_dun03) em 50%. (Poderá atingir 60% de drop com buff donate, sem evento de drop ativo) *Obrigado aos jogadores que relataram e deixaram feed back sobre essa alteração. Vamos organizar report de problemas e sugestões, usem o fórum. Facilita o nosso trabalho e ainda garante melhor feedback aos jogadores.
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 12/13/19*.   - Start time: From 13:30 (12/13/19) Server Time. - End Time: 16:30 (12/13/19) Server Time (Forecast) The timetable can be extended for this maintenance. ** Corrections BUG, added base items to help beginner game play and others.
    • Hello! Adventurers of Ragnarock! I'd like to present our Guild Fairytail! Now to the question why Fairytail name? Because Just like Fairytail anime. We want to be a big guild and Help Each other guildsmen and be an approachable guild! and Why PH? Because i know that there are many Filipino's who play ragnarok!  We started this purely for questing together, instance and discover exciting adventures waiting for us! For now we have 3 Member Me, My Little Brother and My Older brother!  Me: iRanger = Ranger
      My Little Bro: Machinaa = Genetic My Older Brother: iPriest = Archbishop!   If you are interested on Joining just PM the above IGN!

      See you on the Road of Adventures!
      PS: EDDA is the server we are playing at!
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