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    • Heyho! Dumping that here: Introduction Dan
    • Hi! My name's Daniel, I'm 31 years old. I live in Germany and currently I'm in an apprenticeship for IT specialist - system integration.  Parallel to working with Linux/Solaris/SQL I learn C++ and I'm getting used to rAthena Script at the moment. True, that's not much and I wouldn't consider me a pro, but I'm a fast learner. It really depends on what you're looking for in detail. I don't know everything and I obviously don't have time 24/7, particularly because of 4 children and the job. I can be motivated quite easily tho and would love you help you out. Not just for the sake of the server but also for developing my programming skills.  If my ragnarok experience is important: I played 10+ years ago up until the point where 3rd classes were introduced. I was part of administration teams for a few servers and had my own aswell. It's been a long time since I played actively for the last time and I missed everything regarding renewal. But I'm intending to play and find out what's the poodle's core nowadays. I remember most of the old school stuff tho.  Cheers, Dan
    • [ENG] - In response to requests from many players, all items in the Cash Shop have now been made available by Quest in Tier 01 through Tier 05. Items from kRO / jRO that are officially cash, are now quests in RockRagnarok. (Some items may be updated in the number of items requested and menu positions. Tier 03 will be updated in the menu to remove blanks during the next few days) - Fixed selling price of the item glast-decayed-nail and Glast_Horrendous_Mouth. - Fixed BUG with the Prism Ranger Scarf that was not increasing the damage of Arrow Storm according to the level of Aimed Bolt. - Fixed BUG with the item Illusion Booster R and L that was not showing in alt + a / charinfo. - Added carnival event 2020.   - Added improvements to the OGH Challenger instance:
      - Now playing in a group has become more interesting, when finishing and eliminating the final Boss, each player will have the right to open a Treasure. This way the whole party will benefit.
      - Use in time system, the shorter the time to end the instance, the greater the reward received at the end of the instance.
      - A lock has been added to the dual account entry system. This adjustment was necessary to avoid the farm in the final Treasure reward.
      - After the final Treasure appears, re-entry to the instance is prohibited.
      - Now each player will receive their team status in the chat box.   [PTBR] - Atendendo a pedidos de muitos jogadores, agora todos os itens do Cash Shop foram disponibilizados por Quest no Tier 01 até Tier 05. Itens do kRO/jRO que são cash oficialmente, são quests agora no RockRagnarok. (Alguns itens poderão sofrer atualizações na quantidade de itens solicitados e posições de menu. A Tier 03 passará por atualização no menu para remoção de espaços em branco durante os próximos dias) - Corrigido preço de venda do item glast-decayed-nail e Glast_Horrendous_Mouth. - Fixed BUG com o Prism Ranger Scarf que não estava aumentando o dano do Arrow Storm conforme o nível do Aimed Bolt. - Fixed BUG com o item Illusion Booster R e L que não estava mostrando no alt+a/charinfo. - Adicionado evento de carnaval 2020.    - Adicionado melhorias na instance OGH Challenger:
      -- Agora jogar em grupo se tornou mais interessante, ao terminar e eliminar o Boss final, cada jogador terá direito de abrir um Treasure. Desta forma toda a party será beneficiada.
      -- Otilização em sistema de tempo, menor o tempo para finalizar a instance, maior a recompensa recebida no final da instance.
      -- Foi adicionado bloqueio no sistema de entrada com dual account. Este ajuste foi necessário para evitar o farm na recompensa final do Treasure.
      -- Após surgir o Treasure final, a reentrada para a instance está proibida.
      -- Agora cada jogador receberá seu status de time no chat box.   Bloco do Rock 2020!
    • [ENG] The carnival event has started! Fall in revelry! The Rock Block will walk through Prontera hourly. Rewards can be collected as stuffs, GC, Cash Treasure and stylish Costumes! The block runs hourly and will be announced when it starts. Remember that time will be short and only last a few minutes, so hurry up! * In addition to the Premium Costumes block, temporary free items were added to the NPC "Lord Fantasia" that is and Prontera. * Another interesting point of this event is that the Donate Gift and Refining event will have its date expanded until 02/25/2020. (Enjoy, this date expansion is not common.) =) Carnival event will be held until 02/25/2020. Let's go !!!   [PTBR] O evento de carnaval foi iniciado! Caia na folia! O Bloco de Rock andará por Prontera de hora em hora. Recompensas poderão ser coletadas como stuffs, GC, Treasure de Cash e Costumes estilosos! O bloco anda de hora em hora e será anunciado quando iniciar. Lembre que o tempo será curto e duram poucos minutos, então corra!   * Além do bloco Costumes Premium foram adicionados grátis temporários no NPC "Lord Fantasia" que está e Prontera. * Outro ponto interessante deste evento é que o event Donate Gift e Refino terá a data expandida até o dia 25/02/2020. (Aproveitem, essa expansão de data não é comum de ocorrer.) =)   Evento de carnaval será mantido até o dia 25/02/2020. Let's go!!!
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 02/21/20*.   - Start time: From 13:30 (02/21/20) Server Time. - End Time: 16:30 (02/21/20) Server Time (Forecast) The timetable can be extended for this maintenance. ** We will fix some bugs, new tier quests, adjust in instance and others.
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