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    • - Added new items in Instance Warrior:
      * Pretty Pig Shoes (Summoner Build) -
      * Baby Boar Bib (Summoner Build) - - Added new NPC to enchant YSF01 items (jRO version). NPC (Laboratory Intern) was added at ein_fild04,280,309, as per jRO
      * Players will now be able to apply enchants to the 3 parts of the YSF01 set.
      * The enchant cost and refining prerequisite were customized to the server.
      * Added 2 enchant options, random enchant (lowest cost) and safe enchant (highest cost).
      * Wiki Guide:
      * Here is the list of possible enchants:

      - New redesign of the jRO equipment Enchants system.
      * Improved enchants cost, now random enchantments are cheaper.
      * Added Safe Enchant option. Now the player can pay more, but will choose all enchants applied to their items with 100% success and without failure.
      * Enchant random option received less cost, but there is a chance of failure to the enchant. Failing the player will lose only the fragments and will not lose the equipment.
      * The chances of success for random enchant are 80%, 70%, 60% and 50% for an item that receives 4 enchants slot. If the item receives 2 enchant slots, then it will be 80% and 70% respectively.
      * NPCs will now show the enchant chances and which enchant to choose in the case of Safe before confirming the enchant. It will also show individual costs.
      * Option that appears as Null in NPCs refer to items available in the NPC but have not yet been made available in the game for access.
      * These NPCs will receive new equipment over time. - Fixed BUG with the item (Valkyrie Drop) that was not regenerating SP as described. - Fixed BUG with Illusion quest of the monster (Ancient Wootan Fighter) that was with incorrect ID. - Fixed BUG with item (Magical Cloth) that was not applying the +9 refining auto bonus for physical attacks. - Fixed BUG with the item (Giant Helm [1]) that was not increasing the STR with the refining. - Fixed BUG with the item (Garden of Eden) that was not delivering the correct ATK MAGIC Element bonus. - Fixed BUG with ein_dun03 combo cards. Review on all card combos. - Fixed BUG with drop of Jeweliant monster that was not dropping the card. - Fixed BUG with card combo (Material chimera Card / Humanoid chimera card) that was not functional. - Fixed BUG with the item (Cannon Rapier-OS) the chance to activate the autospell has been updated. - Fixed BUG with the item (Horns of Demon Baphomet) the combo must use Darkcross with physical damage and magic damage. It was generating only physical damage.
      - Added DROP and XP event by + 30% until 01/29/21.

      - Adicionado evento de DROP e XP em +30% até o dia 29/01/21. - Adicionado novos itens no Instance Warrior:
      * Pretty Pig Shoes (Summoner Build) -
      * Baby Boar Bib (Summoner Build) - - Adicionado novo NPC para enchant dos itens YSF01 (versão jRO). NPC (Laboratory Intern) foi adicionado em ein_fild04,280,309, conforme jRO
      * Os jogadores agora poderão aplicar enchants para as 3 partes do set YSF01.
      * O custo de enchant e prerequisito de refino foram customizadas ao servidor.
      * Adicionado 2 opções de enchant, random enchant (menor custo) e safe enchant (maior custo).
      * Wiki Guide:
      * Segue a lista de possíveis enchants:
      - Nova reformulação no sistema de Enchants de equipamentos do jRO.
      * Melhoria no custo de enchants, agora enchantments aleatórios são mais baratos.
      * Adicionado opção de Safe Enchant. Agora o jogador poderá pagar mais, porém escolherá todos os enchants aplicados aos seus itens com 100% de sucesso e sem falha.
      * Opção de enchant random recebeu menor custo, porém existe chance de falha ao enchant. Ao falhar o jogador perderá apenas os fragmentos e não perderá o equipamento.
      * As chances de sucesso para random enchant são 80%, 70%, 60% e 50% para um item que recebe 4 slot de enchants. Se o item recebe 2 slot de enchant, então será 80% e 70% respectivamente.
      * Os NPCs agora mostrarão as chances de enchant e qual enchant escolhido no caso do Safe antes de confirmar o enchant. Também mostrará os custos individuais.
      * Opção que aparece como Null nos NPCs são referentes a itens disponíveis no NPC mas ainda não foram disponibilizados no jogo para acesso.
      * Estes NPCs receberão novos equipamentos com o decorrer do tempo.   - Corrigido BUG com o item (Valkyrie Drop) que não estava regenerando SP conforme descrição. - Corrigido BUG com Illusion quest do monstro (Ancient Wootan Fighter) que estava com ID incorreto. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Magical Cloth) que não estava aplicando o auto bonus de refino +9 para ataques físicos. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Giant Helm[1]) que não estava aumentando a STR com o refino. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Garden of Eden) que não estava entregando o bonus de ATK MAGIC Element correto. - Corrigido BUG com combo cards de ein_dun03. Revisão em todos os combos das cartas. - Corrigido BUG com drop do monstro Jeweliant que não estava dropando a carta. - Corrigido BUG com combo das cartas (Material chimera Card / Humanoid chimera card) que não estava funcional. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Cannon Rapier-OS) a chance de ativação do autospell foi atualizada. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Horns of Demon Baphomet) o combo deve usar Darkcross com dano físico e dano mágico. Estava gerando apenas em dano físico.
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 01/22/21*:
      - Start time: From 13:30 (01/22/21) Server Time.
      - End Time: 16:30 (01/22/21) Server Time (Forecast) Update jRO enchant system, Drop/XP event, updates and some BUGs will be fixed.

    • - Refining event and Gift Donate available until 22/01/21.

      - New item added in Instance Warrior:
      * Moon Disk in Mouth (Auto cast Build) - jRO's Enchantment System will undergo modifications:
      * Now there is no more chance of failure, changed from 80% to 100% chance of enchant.
      * The system will now be customized, although it follows the same jRO items and enchants, the enchant cost and refining requirements will change.
      * We will add the missing NPCs and the items that are constantly missing, this includes the official jRO enchants stones that do not exist in the jRO, such as Liberation of Truth.
      * For items that have refining requirements, they will follow the following form:
      3 Enchats = +10: +12: +14
      2 Enchants = +12: +14
      Some enchants like MID Item will not need refining for enchant.
      * The equipment will be updated at NPCs constantly and this change is necessary for the viability of these items on the server. - Added Entama NPC in (prontera, 70.68) to enchant jRO items:
      * Garden of Eden [1]
      * Medic Cape [1]
      * Drake Coat [1]
      * Gemini-S58 Eyes (Red) [0]
      * Open Air Headphones [0]
      Now players will be able to get more new enchants. We will update new items frequently.
      Remembering that the enchants are official but the form of enchantment can be customized in RockRagnarok.
      Wiki Guide:
      - Added reformulation of the @cd command for instances:

      * The command can be used by @cd or @cooldown.
      * Now the player will be able to configure his command and show only the desired instance options.
      * Use the @instancesetting command to add or remove instance from your private list.
      * Reformulation of how to display the @cd command. Now all instances will show the CD in real time. The player will be notified when he is available.
      * Added colors to differentiate between available and non-available instances.
      * Instances were organized in alphabetical order. - Added the item ID in the exchange npc on Illusion dungeons NPCs.
      - Fixed serious BUG with skill SJ_GRAVITYCONTROL. It was causing a crash in the target that received the skill in PvP / GvG. - Fixed BUG with the item Patent Avenger that was with incorrect description and elemental reduction script +11. - Fixed BUG when showing ATK% on acc Thanatos on @charinfo. - Fixed BUG with description of items ID 490056 to 490067. Must contain demon bonuses and not dragon. - Fixed BUG with item enchant Power that was not affecting all size. - Fixed BUG with the item (Warlock Stone II (Garment)) that was missing from the WB for purchase.

      - Evento de refino e Gift Donate disponíveis até o dia 22/01/21.
      - Novo item adicionado no Instance Warrior:
      * Moon Disk in Mouth (Auto cast Build) - Sistema de Enchantment do jRO passará por modificações:
      * Agora não existirá mais chance de falha, alterado de 80% para 100% de chance de enchant.
      * O sistema agora será customizado, embora siga os mesmos itens e enchants do jRO, o custo de enchant e requisitos de refino serão alterados.
      * Iremos adicionar os NPCs que faltam e os itens que faltam constantemente, isso inclui os enchants stones oficiais do jRO que não existem no jRO, como por exemplo, Liberation of Truth.
      * Para itens que possui prerequisito de refinos, seguirão a seguinte forma:
      3 Enchats = +10:+12:+14
      2 Enchants = +12:+14
      Alguns enchants como MID Item não precisarão de refino para enchant.
      * Os equipamentos serão atualizados nos NPCs constantemente e essa mudança é necessária para viabilidade destes itens no servidor. - Adicionado Entama NPC em (prontera,70,68) para enchant itens do jRO:
      * Garden of Eden [1]
      * Medic Cape [1]
      * Drake Coat [1]
      * Gemini-S58 Eyes (Red) [0]
      * Open Air Headphones [0]
      Now players will be able to get more new enchants. We will update new items frequently.
      Lembrando que os enchants são oficiais mas a forma de enchantment poderá ser customizada no RockRagnarok.
      Wiki Guide:
      - Adicionado reformulação no comando @cd para instances:
      * O comando poderá ser utilizado por @cd ou @cooldown.
      * Agora o jogador poderá configurar o seu comando e mostrar apenas as opções de instances desejadas.
      * Usar o comando @instancesetting para adicionar ou remover instance de sua lista particular.
      * Reformulação na forma de visualização do comando @cd. Agora todas as instances mostrarão o CD em tempo real. O jogador será avisado quando estiver disponível.
      * Adicionado cores para diferenciar instances disponíveis de outras não disponíveis.
      * Instances foram organizadas em ordem alfabética. - Adicionado nos NPCs Illusion dungeons os item ID nos exchange npc.
      - Corrigido BUG grave com skill SJ_GRAVITYCONTROL. Estava gerando crash no alvo que recebia a skill no PvP/GvG. - Corrigido BUG com o item Patent Avenger que estava com descrição incorreto e script de redução elemental +11. - Corrigido BUG ao mostrar o ATK% nos acc Thanatos no @charinfo. - Corrigido BUG com descrição dos itens ID 490056 até 490067. Deve conter bonus demon e não dragon. - Corrigido BUG com item enchant Power que não estava afetando all size. - Corrigido BUG com o item (Warlock Stone II (Garment)) que estava inexistente no WB para compra.  
    • RagnaRock Maintenance will take place on 01/15/21*:
      - Start time: From 13:30 (01/15/21) Server Time.
      - End Time: 16:30 (01/15/21) Server Time (Forecast) Update jRO enchant system, update @cd system, Refine Event, Gift Donate Event and some BUGs will be fixed.

    •   - Updated League BG, PvP and MvP system:
      * Fixed possible failure to delete online players' score when the ranking reset occurs.
      * League PvP now follows the same date as the MvP league and will be monthly.
      * League BG now follows the same date as the MvP league and will be monthly. - Updated PvP Ranking system:
      * PvP will be PvP only. Now the PvP Ranking will be increased only within the PvP arena.
      There will no longer be a PvP Ranking count within WoE or other PvP maps other than those available in [Warper PvP].
      * Delivery to League PvP takes place on a monthly basis similar to League MvP.
      * Update on the @rankpvp command.
      * PvP Ranking will now show the Cash Points received in the TOP 10 on the 1st.
      - Added new item in Instance Warrior:
      * Ring of Pazuzu (Warlock Build) - - Added new Shadow items in the NPC Sublime Shadow on @wb.
      (Star Emperor / Soul Reaper / Summoner build) - New prontera added and removed Christmas themes. - Added preview image of Hair Styles in Adv. Stylist in the menu (Jump To).
      - Dimensional Evo was moved from position on the Jormungand server to (prontera, 184,212). - Updated the @charinfo command:
      * Improvement in bonus commands of ATQ Elementals, Races and Sizes that were not adding the bonus% of weapons equipped on the left side. - Fixed BUG in the images of the items that were incorrect:
      * Burning Sword
      * Abyssal Sword
      * Purification Sword - Fixed issue with 2 Bijou with drop in the same instance in some cases.
        - Fixed malfunctioning BUG with Automatic Reinforcement Cube. * Gift Donate and refining event will take place on 01/15/21.

      - Atualizado sistema de League BG, PvP e MvP:
      * Corrigido possível falha ao apagar score de jogadores online quando o reset do ranking ocorrer.
      * League PvP agora segue mesma data da league MvP e será mensal.
      * League BG agora segue mesma data da league MvP e será mensal. - Atualizado sistema de Ranking PvP:
      * PvP será apenas PvP. Agora o Ranking PvP será incrementado apenas dentro da arena PvP.
      Não ocorrerá mais contagem de Ranking PvP dentro de WoE ou outros mapas PvP diferentes dos disponíveis no [Warper PvP].
      * Entrega para League PvP ocorre de forma mensal semelhante a League MvP.
      * Atualização no comando @rankpvp.
      * Ranking PvP agora mostrará o Cash Points recebido no TOP 10 no dia 01.
      - Adicionado novo item no Instance Warrior:
      * Ring of Pazuzu (Warlock Build) - - Adicionados novos Shadow itens no NPC Sublime Shadow no @wb.
      (Star Emperor/Soul Reaper/Summoner build) - Nova prontera adicionada e removido temas natalinos. - Adicionado imagem de pre-visualização de Hair Styles no Adv. Stylist no menu (Jump To). - Dimensional Evo foi movido de posição no servidor Jormungand para (prontera,184,212). - Atualizado o comando @charinfo:
      * Melhoria em comandos de bonus de ATQ Elementais, Raças e Tamanhos que não estavam somando o bonus % de armas equipadas no lado esquerdo. - Corrigido BUG nas imagens dos itens que estavam incorretos:
      * Burning Sword
      * Abyssal Sword
      * Purification Sword - Corrigido problema com 2 Bijou com drop na mesma instance em alguns casos. - Corrigido BUG de mal funcionamento com o item Automatic Reinforcement Cube. * Evento Gift Donate e refino ocorrerão no dia 15/01/21.
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