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Terra Gloria Episode 16.2
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Welcome to RagnaRock Jormungand.

Welcome to RockRagnarok! Are you looking for a new private server to play? Ragnarok is considered one of the most reliable servers online nowadays, we are a high-rate server 50x/50x/10x and we never had and never will have a wipe. That means you can play whenever you want and if you decide to take a short or long break when you come back your items and account will be there for you!

MvP League

Have you thought about joining the League Hunting MvP RockRagnarok ?! Climb up your MvP Kills points and receive great prizes.

WoE Guild Defense

Ranking of guilds that maintains more time with the castle by minute. The count is restarted monthly.

Ranking MvP League

Ko Biet Dat Ten Gi
760 kills
Player Name Kills
Pharmacien 618
Maxi 507
YumYum 493
CavaloImundo 259
Amoretta 190

Rankings PvP

8 Points
Player Name Points
qotc 6
Arcaninha 3
Petal 2
Richgirl -1
Ko Biet Dat Ten Gi -2

WoE Guild Defense

News and Events

26,102Total Accounts
51,019Total Characters
815Total Guilds
192Peak Online
Rebels 3 Castles
IVIeo 3 Castles
Next war will be starting in Kriemhild castle.
be prepared with your clan mates to get the every castle..
Dec 14, 2019 11:00:00
Quest Cash Itens
Get Cash item by Quest or Donate, total balancing!
Costume Dailie Quest
Every day a new random Costume Quest!
Dual Critical Damage ?!
Dual critical damage is possible in RockRagnarok!
New interface
New interface Cash Shop!
Build autocast HARD
Very nice build!
New Interface Quest
New interface Quest UI, clean and easier