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Smiley face Rates: 1k/1k/1k 

Smiley face Card Drop: 2%,  MvP: 0,5%

Smiley face Command: @warp, @storage

Smiley face Level: 175/60 | 130 | ASPD: 193

Smiley face Ep. 16.1 Banket of Heroes

Smiley face BG Stuffs/Emblem

Smiley face Summoner, Clan System, Daily Quests

Smiley face Lasagna, Temple of Demon God, Morse's Cave, Geffen Magic Tournament, Air Fortress etc

Smiley face




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Client Renewall 2017

(Play with the Summoner Race, Sex by Character, Shift + Click Item Link for Trading, Hat Preview etc.)

Pack Guild and Pack Novice

(Get the Pack Items for your clan. Clanless players also win! Start now, receive items with every evolution of your class!)

Exclusive Events RockRagnarok

(Command @event know the time of the next event and more!) 

Server RockRagnarok

 Based on Korean and Japanese Ragnarok Online with Summoner and Alternative Clothes


Basic Informations

 Episode 16.1 (Banket Of Heroes)

 Base & Job: 1000x *

 Quest: 1000x

 Item Drop: 500x

 Card Drop: 2% *

 MvP: 5x

 Card MvP: 0.5%

 Max. Level: 99/70 Transclasses, 175/60 3rd jobs e Expanded.

 Max. ASPD: 193

 Max. Status: 99 Transclasses, 130 3rd jobs, 130 Summoner/Rebellion/Kagerou and Rebellion 

* Variations may occur according to the weekly events


Customizations RockRagnarok

 Max. Party Share Limit: 35 Levels

 Custom NPC: Various visuals according to official Malangdo kRO

 NPC Utilities: Including exclusive consumables etc

 Game Coins: (Golden Coin) Acquired at events. Can be used in exchange for consumables, quests and events

 Castle Rotation WoE 1.0/ 2.0/ TE

 PvP in DeathMatch mode with Ranking

 MvP Awarded fortnightly ranking

 Daily Award: Consumables / utilities and Coins

 Unique and Special Color Palettes with New Alternative Clothing

 Automatic events with the @event command

 Super Kafra RagnaRok with Exclusive Services

 Eden quests up to 175 and Hunters Gramps

 Drop Penalty Table and Renewal Experience Removed

 Commands: whosell, whobuy, charinfo, cd, ii2, rms, rates, refresh, autotrade, mobinfo, iteminfo, help, homtalk, noks, pettalk, reject, autoloottype, go, alootid, time, channel, showexp, changegm, showdelay, accept, whereis, whodrops, leave, showzeny, hominfo, invite, commands, jailtime, autoloot, homstats, duel, pvp, rankpvp, refreshpvp, rankmvp, point. 









Renewal 2.0

 Level Penalty / Drop: Off

 Completely based on kRO / jRO 2017, no editing of iRO merged formulas or baselines for example

 ASPD based on kRO penalties, following iRO template

 Constant review by testers and staff about formulas and updates

 Most instances implemented and / or in continuous development



 Consumable Emblems (Used in BG, WoE, and PvP)

 Completely balanced and constantly changing Quests and Rops

 Custom Items: No

 New instances released very often

 Staff active and in constant communication with the players

 Own instances and Quests to improve your experience

 Alternative clothes constantly updated and with own coloration

 Access to free teleports through the Warp Agent

 VIP equal to Donate and Vote Points

 Diverse commands and constantly creating new options. Spriters / Designers / Developers / Ownoners and Eventers themselves.

 Community active and in constant dialogue through the Forum, Game and / or Discord: (

 Permanent event with daily prizes, all the information will be inside the game


NPCs Base

 Class Master

 Utilities (Strawberry etc)

 Automatic systems (@autoloot / #global / #trade etc)


 Refiner showing chance for success

 Carrier Cave / Fields / Cities / Instances and Spot Level

 Card Remover

 Reset Status e Skills

 Specialist Stylist

 Telma (BG Only Consumables)

 Reno (Eden Crystals)

 Gramps 85 ~ 175 (Eden Groups) 

 Safe to 7/10 Certificates (Eden Groups) 


Official Implements

 Episode 16.1 Banquet Of Heroes (Under Development)

 3rd Classes: Available / Functional

 Rebellion updated / Kagerou / Oboro, Summoner: Available / Functional

 Quests Mora, Enchantments / Quests Malangdo, Eclage Quests, Lasagna Quests, among others

 Monster Champion System

 Clan System and Daily Clan Quests


Available Instances/Quest

 Air Fortress/ Charleston Crisis/ Sarah and Fenrir/ Airship Assault/ Nightmarish Jitterbug/ Bios Island/ Nightmare Toy Factory/ Infinity Space/ Devil's Tower/ Ghost Palace/ Faceworm's Nest/ Old Glast Heim/Nightmare/ Endless Tower/ Bakonawa Lake/ Hazy Forest/ Nightmare Clock Tower/ Nightmare Glast Heim/ Nightmare Pyramids/ Wave mode/ Sara's Memory/ Morse's Cave/ Temple of Demon God/ Geffen Magic Tournament/ The Last Room and others!


Date Modified : 06-19-17



Cash Shop

Last Items - Remainder is in-game

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